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Size Does Matter! – Discover How To Make Your Dick Bigger & Reap The Benefits

In todays world most men are always going to want to have a bigger penis since most people assume that it is the measure of one’s masculinity. Now, if you are on the average or smaller size, you surely wanted to know how to make your dick bigger. Some of the benefits of getting larger down there include:

♥ Attracting more females. If your jeans would go a little tighter than the usual, then the female specie would surely be more interested in you. It’s like getting an additional attention getter to women out there. You’ll notice this once you go in the bar and see women grinding and dancing with you once you hit the dance floor.

♥ Gives you better sex. Getting bigger means getting thicker and longer at the same time and women just love the feel of a thicker penis, since it gives them mind-blowing orgasms.

♥ Gives you more oral sex. Once you increase in size, you’ll notice that you will be getting much more oral pleasure than the usual. You won’t only be making your girlfriend happy, but yourself as well.

♥ Gets you to have more sex often.This just doesn’t work if you have a girlfriend, but it also works if you are single since getting the woman you want won’t be that hard once she knows that you are packing heat down there.

♥ Boosts up your confidence. If you have a low self- esteem because of the size of your dick, then now is the time to start looking at getting a bigger one. You’ll surely see a big difference in your confidence levels and gain admiration and respect in all directions making you successful in love and life.

Get a bigger dick naturally without pills

Now if you are serious about learning how to make your dick bigger without pills then here are a few exercises that will help – some of these include:

The Squeezing Routine: This is also known as the “milking technique”, since the act is like milking a cow. This exercise causes the blood chambers in your penis to hold more blood into it and expand, adding thickness to your manhood.

The Stretching Routine: Stretch your penis for several times each day since stretching causes the cells of your penis to expand and grow in size.

Strengthening The PC Muscles: Start by tightening and releasing your PC muscles for several times a day and you will see that your penis will stay erect for a longer time.

Remeber Size Does Matter!

The average penis size is actually 5.6 inches and if you measure lower than this, then you should be alarmed. For a more detailed understanding of the anatomy of the human penis and how it works then check out

Here are some reasons why a smaller penis negatively affects a man:

  • It cannot reach a woman’s G spot.The G-spot is the woman’s most sensitive part and if you’re not giving her enough pleasure in bed, then that could have a negative effect in your relationship.
  • It is visually unexciting. If you are on the smaller size, do you notice the look of disappointment from your partner’s eyes? If you wanted to change that look into a look of surprise and delight, then you got to do something about it.
  • It can lead to a loss of self-esteem. Those who are bigger in size may feel more powerful and more adequate. On the other hand,those who lack in size feels inadequate most of the time because of the responses that they get from their woman and their surroundings as well.

It’s never too late to start getting a bigger dick, because you still have time to make it happen. Do something about your small member today live the life that you wanted without limits.